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Department News

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Retail Sales Patterns And Trends Across Nebraska Counties And Localities

A departement report provides an up-to-date assessment of retail patterns and trends for the various size communities as well as the counties of the state. The analysis can provide local community leaders, policy makers, and businesses a basis for: understanding retailing patterns and their community’s retail health compared with neighboring localities as well as over time; doing in-depth comparative analysis using the extensive data collected and computed in the appendices; andidentifying possible strategies and policies for increasing retail trade in their respective areas.Read More

Filley Hall

2016 year in review

Check out our recap of 2016!Read More

Tops of a corn field

2016 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Report

Marking the second consecutive year of value declines, the all-land category across the entire State of Nebraska for the year ending February 1, 2016 averaged about 4 percent lower than the prior year.Read More

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Journal article recognized

Professor Lilyan Fulginiti and Ph.D. alumnus Federico Trinadade received an award for the best paper in Agricultural Economics the journal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. Their paper, "Is there a slowdown in agricultural Productivity growth in South America?," examines agricultural productivity growth in 10 South American countries. Read More

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Results of farm custom rate survey available

The 2016 Nebraska Custom Rates Survey summarizes the current rates charged for specific machinery operations. Prices paid for these services become more critical as profit margins tighten because of lower commodity prices. Read More

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Rural Poll shows some gaps in internet adoption

Most rural Nebraskans have mobile and high-speed internet service at home but gaps in adoption of these services still exist by income, age and education, according to the 2016 Nebraska Rural Poll. Read More

Simanti Banerjee

UNL receives grants to evaluate land conservation stewardship

Simanti Banerjee received a four-year grant for USDA to study the effectiveness of conservation auction policies. Read More

Faculty and student using the commodity trading room

Commodity Trading Room feature

The department's commodity trading room was featured on Market Journal. Learn how the new space and courses prepare our students for the workforce. Watch