Professor Dave Aiken

David Aiken

Water Law, Agricultural Law, Environmental and Natural Resource Law

Gary Lynne

Gary Lynne

Conservation; sustainability; carbon; climate change; human dimensions of natural resources, ecosystems and environment

Dr. Azzeddine Azzam

Azzeddine Azzam

Agricultural and Food Economics

Fabio Mattos

Fabio Mattos

Marketing and Risk Management

Kate Brooks

Kate Brooks

Extension Livestock Economist

Lia Nogueira

Food and Agricultural Trade


Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel

Entrepreneur/Business Development

Dr. Richard Perrin

Richard Perrin

Agricultural Production Economics, Agricultural Productivity Analysis, Technology Assessment

Dr. Dennis Conley

Dennis Conley

Agribusiness Management, Grain Marketing and Trade, Price Risk Management

Dr. Wes Peterson

Wes Peterson

Trade Policy, Political Economy, Agricultural Development, Trade and the Environment

Dr. Lilyan Fulginiti

Lilyan Fulginiti

Microeconomics, Economics of Production, International Economics, Development Economics

Dr. Jeff Royer

Jeff Royer

Industrial Organization and Vertical Integration, Firm Theory, Agricultural Cooperatives, Operations Research Methods

Dr. Giannakas

Ntinos Giannakas

Industrial Organization, Food Policy, Regulatory Economics, Economics of Innovation and Product Differentiation

Dr. Karina Schoengold

Karina Schoengold

Environmental and resource economics, water resource economics, water pricing, irrigation technology choice

Dr. Ron Hanson

Ron Hanson

Farm Management, Agricultural Finance, Agribusiness Program Director

Dr. Matt Stockton

Matt Stockton

Agricultural Economist at West Central Research Center, Agribusiness/Marketing and Farm, Ranch Management Specialist

Chris Gustafson

Chris Gustafson

Behavioral Economics and Health Disparities

Larry Van Tassell

Larry Van Tassell

Department Head

Brad Lubben

Brad Lubben

Public Policy




Cory Walters

Crop Marketing
Crop Insurance
Revenue Risk Managment







Emie Yiannaka

Economics of Intellectual Property Rights

Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization
Economics of Food Innovations