Nebraska Livestock Industry White Paper

Is the Nebraska Advantage of crop, livestock, and biofuel production operating at its full potential? One concern is that Nebraska still exports high proportions of its crop output as commodities. Also, Nebraska is falling behind neighboring states, particularly in hog, dairy, and poultry numbers. 

Despite advantages for livestock production in Nebraska, the industry has not grown in the past two decades at rates comparable to neighboring states. This paper explores the issues and policies that have constrained livestock development in the state and the economic benefits that accompany livestock expansion.

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Report produced in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture

U.S. Livestock Industry Trends and Nebraska's Role

The purpose of this report is to provide an ongoing factual understanding of the industry changes impacting Nebraska — identifying both threats to and opportunities for future economic viability.

Nebraska ranks:

  • 1st in commercial red meat production 
  • 1st in commercial cattle slaughter
  • 2nd in cattle and calves cash receipts
  • 3rd in meat animals cash receipts
  • 4th in all livestock and products cash receipts
  • 4th in beef cows and heifers calved
  • 6th in all hogs and pigs produced

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