Student and Alumni Spotlights

Student and Alumni Spotlights

Current Students

Photos of Moriah Heerten

Moriah Heerten

"I’m taking Intro Grain Commodity Marketing, and this class interests me because there is so much benefit in marketing harvested crops prior to harvest to lock in better prices."
Photo of Regan Gilmore

Regan Gilmore

"My professors and advisors have been instrumental in helping me discover how to pursue my passions, and they have connected me to invaluable opportunities."
Photo of Ashlyn Teten

Ashlyn Teten

"I decided to transfer here for the agribusiness program because of my background."
Photo of Erica Lewis

Erica Lewis

"Growing up as a Husker fan, it just felt right to come here, and I have loved every minute of it."
Photo of Erika Harms

Erika Harms

"The university has given me many opportunities to network with professionals and explore various career fields."
Photo of Darin Knobbe

Darin Knobbe

"The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has given me many opportunities to continue to be actively involved and make a difference on campus."


Photo of Caleb Nuehring

Caleb Nuehring

"East Campus is my favorite thing about UNL. It has a great small college atmosphere."
Photo of Andrea Ramirez

Andrea Ramirez

"I appreciate the professors at UNL. Over the last three years of my undergraduate career I have learned that each of them truly cares about the success of their students; this in itself is what sets UNL apart from other universities."
Photo of Spencer Hartman

Spencer Hartman

"I share with them my perspective that UNL is great because you can live on East Campus and get the culture of the small community that you grew up in, but travel to City Campus for the opportunities, networking, and prestige that a large university offers. "
Photo of Jordyn Bader

Jordyn Bader

"I appreciated UNL's dedication to conducting research that benefits rural areas, especially in Nebraska. "
Photo of Ty Schurr

Ty Schurr

"I was an agribusiness major with an emphasis in ag banking and finance. The ag banking and finance program truly laid the foundation for my career today."
Photo of Erik Hoegemeyer

Erik Hoegemeyer

"From UNL, you truly can go anywhere at any level and succeed. Our flagship university produces students second to none."