Water Optimizer Programs

Water Optimizer

Single Field / Single Year Model
This is the original version of Water Optimizer. This version is used to understand the optimization of water resource on a single field in a single year.

Water Optimizer

Multi Field / Single Year Model
This is an expanded version of Water Optimizer. While the basic platform is the same, this version optimizes the use of water resources across multiple (up to five) fields with potentially different characteristics. This model can be used to evaluate trading scenarios or potential water transfers.

Water Optimzier

Water Optimizer Budget Calculator
This is a stand-alone module for Water Optimizer. This model is a cropping operations budget calculator. Modeled after UNL Crop Budgets, the Water Optimizer Budget Calculator allows the user to choose cropping operations and input costs to closely resemble their personal farming operation. Both per acre costs and per bushel costs are then inputted into Water Optimizer. If you need to change the budget costs in Water Optimizer this module must be downloaded and used.

Budget Calculator


Water Optimizer (single year/single field)
Water Optimizer Manual

Multi-Field Water Optimizer (single year)
Multi-Field Water Optimizer Manual