Farm Bill Presentation

A farm bill webinar on May 21 covered elements of the 2014 Farm Bill, including safety net programs (commodity programs, crop insurance, and disaster assistance), conservation programs, and an overview of other parts of the farm bill relevant to Nebraska producers and landowners. An archive recording of the webinar is available in an Adobe Connect recording for viewing. A copy of the slides...
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Disaster Assistance Coming Quickly Under The New Farm Bill

With the new farm bill now in place, rulemaking and program implementation is expected to follow over the next several months. The first new programs out the door to help producers will be the disasater assistance programs. These programs have a long history in ad hoc emergency legislation and were eventually authorized as standing programs in the 2008 Farm Bill, but with an expiration...
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Farm Bill Overview

The 2014 Farm Bill, officially known as the "Agricultural Act of 2014" was signed by the President on February 7, 2014. While rulemaking and program implementation will stretch out over the next several months, a quick overview of the legislation can provide some valuable insight. A recent article in the Cornhusker Economics newsletter of February 26 provides a general overview with some...
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A New Farm Bill

After voting to end debate on Monday evening, the Senate voted today to approve the farm bill, following the lead of the House last Wednesday. Expecting President Obama's signature yet this week, the bill will finally become law and we will move quickly to questions of program details and implementation. There will be several posts of details and analysis as we go, but expect the...
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Farm Bill Here at Last (Maybe)

After several years of debate and development, a new farm bill seems to have finally reached the finish line. At least, the final compromise legislation has been reported out of the conference committee today, Monday, January 27 and appears ready for a floor vote in the House as soon as Wednesday, January 29. The final legislation represents a compromise achieved among the four principal...
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