Agriculture Firm Profitability and Sustainability

The department hosts programs to improve the profitability and sustainability of the agro-food system and to comprehensively addressing risk management.

Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Behavioral and experimental economics uses a sophisticated set of tools that permit greater control over the decision-making environment and insights from psychology to understand preferences, static and dynamic decision-making and policy responses.

Industrial Organization of the Agri-Food System

The industrial organization program focuses on issues pertaining to the industrialization (fundamental transformation) of the agri-food system that is driven by changes in consumer preferences, technological progress, global competition and reduced government support to agriculture.

International Trade and Development

The range of topics covers the economics of agriculture, food, and natural resources in international and global contexts, including international agricultural development, international trade policy, natural resource management, and global food security and policy.

Natural Resources

Researchers investigate the role that limited natural resources contribute to economic activity and output, and the relationship people have and the value they place, on those natural resources.

Rural Innovation and Development

Rural innovation and development faculty and staff are focused on community, economic and business outreach and research that addresses current and emerging issues.