Farm Succession

Farm Succession

So You've Inherited a Farm, Now What

If you have inherited farmland or may do so in the future, this webinar is for you “So You’ve Inherited a Farm, Now What?”

Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek cover considerations for land including management, transition and succession planning.  

The webinars answer questions such as, Should I keep the farm or sell it? How do I manage a farm? If leasing, what are key lease provisions? What legal considerations do I have with this decision? And how do we manage family communications and expectations when other family is involved?



Dealing with Control of the Farm/Ranch

Thoughts about Having a Family Meeting

Land Transition Can Lead to Unintended Consequences

Nebraska Farm & Ranch Estate Planning Overview

Estate Planning Glossary

Fairness in the Farm/Ranch Estate Planning Context

Other Materials

Succession Planning Presentation - Dick Wittman Consulting

Family Business Operating Profile & Estate Planning Information Framework - Dick Wittman Consulting


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