Farm Succession

Farm Succession


Generational Needs and Expectations For Successful Farm and Ranch Succession
International Perspectives on Farm Succession and Retirement
By Dr. Shane Conway, National University of Ireland, Galway
Preparing for Farm and Ranch Succession: How You Select a Lawyer
Assumptions (Mistakes) Parents Make with Estate Plans
Why Do We Not Have an Estate Plan? (Includes Podcast)
How Emotions Affect Farm and Ranch Succession
Dealing with Control of the Farm/Ranch
Thoughts about Having a Family Meeting
Land Transition Can Lead to Unintended Consequences
Nebraska Farm & Ranch Estate Planning Overview
Estate Planning Glossary
Fairness in the Farm/Ranch Estate Planning Context


Farm Succession Workshop

Allan Vyhnalek's workshop, "Preparing for the Future: Farm/Ranch Transition and Succession," is available as 12 segments, broken down into separate topics like retirement, communication with family, how to plan and more. The first two segments are below and all 12 are available here.

So You've Inherited a Farm, Now What

If you have inherited farmland or may do so in the future, this webinar is for you “So You’ve Inherited a Farm, Now What?”

Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek cover considerations for land including management, transition and succession planning.  

The webinars answer questions such as, Should I keep the farm or sell it? How do I manage a farm? If leasing, what are key lease provisions? What legal considerations do I have with this decision? And how do we manage family communications and expectations when other family is involved?


Other Materials

Succession Planning Presentation - Dick Wittman Consulting
Family Business Operating Profile & Estate Planning Information Framework - Dick Wittman Consulting


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