Nebraska Farm Real Estate

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We are conducting a survey to estimate the value of the Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights to ensure this information is readily available in the future. The survey responses will be kept strictly confidential.



Nebraska Agricultural Land Studies Fund

Agricultural producers and landowners, real estate and finance professionals, government agencies and policy makers, non-profit organizations use this report. Virtually everyone has some tie to agricultural land and interest in it, even when they may be two or three generations removed from farming. 

To continue the work started by Dr. Bruce Johnson, the Nebraska Agricultural Land Studies Fund has been established. The fund will maintain and build on the UNL land market research and information series which helps individual market participants make wise decisions as well as providing input into sound public policy decisions for the long-term sustainability of our natural resources. MoreĀ»

To make a gift to the Nebraska Agricultural Land Studies Fund, please contact the NU Foundation.