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Cornhusker Economics

Importance of Being Digital Ready – What Does that Mean?

Communities often determine if they are digital ready on whether or not high-speed internet is available. The conversation then focuses on who has high-speed internet and who does not.  Hence, the divide.  High-speed internet is an important factor on whether or not a community can be competitive in a global market. But, it is not the only digital-ready factor necessary to compete in a global economy. One challenge of focusing on the divide is that assumptions are made that individuals do not have skills in rural areas to use technology and, that these rural residents may not need higher speed internet.  These assumptions impact policy.

A recent study was conducted to gauge the digital readiness among Nebraska households by calculating a digital readiness index (DRI) score. Dr. Roberto Gallardo, Purdue University, led the study in collaboration with the Nebraska Broadband Initiative which included the Nebraska Information Technology Commission, University of Nebraska, Nebraska Public Service Commission and the Nebraska Library Commission.

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