Cornhusker Economics

By Marilyn Schlake

Personal observations are often obscure to the facts. For instance, recently I worked at a booth at Husker Harvest Days. The booth focused on rural community development. My observations were that many of the agricultural producers decided to not stop at our booth or for those who did stop, conversations showed a disconnect of the importance of their local community to their farm operations. Similarly, when working with communities, I have observed the lack of understanding of the importance of the agricultural producers to the local community’s well-being. Why the disconnect between these two very important components of our rural regions? Were my observations incorrect? According to research studies conducted in three different countries, that answer is both a yes and a no.

Study Observations

Following are brief summaries of the research studies conducted in three different countries -- Germany, Australia, and the United States. Although similar in subject, the three studies were very different. However, the observations were similar -- there is a correlation between the agricultural community and their local community well-being.

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