Cornhusker Economics

Cornhusker Economics

Agricultural Production from the High Plains Aquifer Is Worth Over $3 billion per Year

Recent research (Garcia, Fulginiti and Perrin, 2018) has shown that the extra agricultural production from irrigation across the High Plains Aquifer (HPA) was worth about $3.5 billion in 2007, $2 billion of which was produced in Nebraska. The aquifer water is valuable!

The HPA underlies an area that includes southern South Dakota, southeast Wyoming, eastern Colorado, Nebraska, western Kansas, eastern New Mexico, northwest Oklahoma, and northwest Texas. This region has a semiarid climate that makes crop production highly dependent on irrigation. Given that irrigation has resulted in severe depletion in some areas of the HPA (Scanlon, et al. 2012), it is important for policy purposes to identify the overall value of this resource in agricultural production.

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