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2020 Nebraska Agricultural Custom Rates with Statewide Survey Summary

With the large investment cost of agricultural machinery and equipment, and often with the uncertainty of labor availability, many Nebraska farms and ranches utilize and pay for custom services. There is generally great interest in the biennial University of Nebraska-Lincoln Custom Rates Survey report from those that perform services and those that pay for services. The recently completed 2020 Nebraska Custom Rates Survey and accompanying report summarize current rates charged for specific machinery operations and custom services across the state.

The survey is distributed both by mail and electronically to Nebraska farm and ranch managers and agricultural service companies that have indicated that they have provided some type of custom machine, equipment rental, or service in the state and have charged for such services. Surveys include options for participants to report rates on 152 machine operations and custom services or rentals. There were 217 survey responses received and tabulated in the 2020 report. Rates were included in the full report when at least three or more survey respondents provided their current rates charged for machine hire operations or services. Rates include the cost of the machine, power unit, fuel, and labor unless otherwise stated. Custom contract farming, planting, fertilizer, and chemical application rates do not include material or input expenses. For baling, however, supplies such as wire or twine are included in the rates charged.

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