Cornhusker Economics

By Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel

Here is the situation:  You own a small manufacturing business in Nebraska. You would like to grow your business, but you are having a tough time hiring people with the right skills. So, you think that offering training to potential job seekers could be the answer. Well, maybe it is and maybe it is not, according to the recent issue of the Nebraska Workforce Trends online magazine. (

In a multi-year survey of potential job seekers, those who are likely to change jobs in the next year or who are likely to reenter the workforce in the next year, several key training obstacles for improving their employment situation were identified. There seemed to be only slight differences in how they viewed these challenges, regardless of whether they saw their potential job as a career, a steppingstone to a career, or just a job to get by. The cost of training, the lack of available training, the distance or transportation to the training, lack of time, and the knowledge of what is available were all substantial barriers to training (see Table 1.).

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