Cornhusker Economics

Welfare Implications of Wheat Breeding Programs

Wheat is an important commodity for the United States and the state of Nebraska, both at the domestic and international levels. Land Grant Universities, such as University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), invest in research to improve wheat characteristics that will benefit both producers and consumers. Funds available for agricultural research are a scarce resource that need to be justified. Measuring the welfare (well-being of individuals) effects of the UNL wheat breeding programs represent an important part of understanding the value of these programs.  While this article does not directly address the impact of UNL wheat breeding program, it does highlight the importance of wheat breeding research at Washington State University (WSU).  As a follow-up to this study, our objective is to identify UNL's wheat breeding program's welfare contribution. Read MoreĀ»

2015 Cornhusker Economics