1. Board Participation in CEO Succession Events. Nebraska agricultural cooperatives have changed CEOs. A summary of the CEO replacement process is presented. June 2020. 
  2. Nebraska Family Farms. Nebraska family farms are making changes to remain viable. Information on key structural characteristics of these farms is in this article. May 2020.
  3. Agricultural Cooperatives Can Help Mitigate Negative Economic Consequences of COVID-19 on Member Operations. A variety of tools can be used to manage equity redemption programs. These payments can financially benefit member operations experiencing the negative economic effects of COVID-19. April 2020.
  4. Trends in Farming Operation Legal Entity Choice and Implications for Cooperatives. Key trends in legal entity choice among Nebraska farmers are presented and implications for agricultural cooperatives are discussed. March 2020.
  5. Regional Farming Demographic Trends: Eastern Nebraska. Key farming trends for a 19-county area in eastern Nebraska are described in this article. March 2020.
  6. Nebraska Farming Demographic Trends: What Will Future Nebraska Farmers Look Like? The 2017 Agricultural Census, released in 2019, describes key Nebraska farming trends. February 2020.
  7. 2019 Internships in Agricultural Cooperatives. Nebraska Agricultural cooperatives employed nearly 100 interns in 2019. This article describes their background, experiences, and benefits. January 2020.
  8. Advantages of Closed Membership CooperativesClosed cooperatives have been formed since 2000 in the livestock industry. Nebraska pork producers benefit from the unique features of the closed co-op model and have strong incentives to satisfy food safety expectations. December 2019.
  9. Nebraska Agricultural Cooperatives and their New Tax Deduction Distribution Role. The specifics of how the 199A deduction might be applied at the farm and cooperative are presented. The example is calibrated to the experience of Nebraska agricultural cooperatives and farms. November 2019.
  10. Effects of Manager Turnover - Credit Unions. NCUA data provide a picture of how management changes affect operations. This article summarizes those effects and suggests possible consequences for cooperatives in other industries. October 2019.
  11. Rural Broadband and CooperativesHow have cooperatives been used for broadband, how can states facilitate the development of broadband through cooperatives, and how are these co-ops started? This article provides an overview and additional links. August 2019.
  12. Trade Receivables in Nebraska Cooperatives. This is a summary of trade receivable conditions among Nebraska cooperatives during 2015-2018. April 2019.
  13. CEO Evaluation Process in Nebraska Agricultural CooperativesThis is a report of CEO evaluation practices among Nebraska agricultural cooperatives, based on a Fall, 2018 poll of CEOs. October, 2018.
  14. Effect of Section 199A Tax Deduction on Agricultural Cooperative and their Patrons. This is a report of the effect of the Section 199A grain glitch fix and its effect on cooperative and patron income taxes. March 2018.
  15. Young Farmer Expectations of Nebraska Agricultural Cooperatives. This is a report of young Nebraska farmer perceptions of the benefits and opportunities of working with cooperatives. December, 2017.
  16. CEO succession planning by NE Agricultural Cooperatives. Summary of poll of NE agricultural cooperative activities related to CEO succession planning. November, 2017.


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