1. Rural Broadband and CooperativesHow have cooperatives been used for broadband, how can states facilitate the development of broadband through cooperatives, and how are these co-ops started? This article provides an overview and additional links. August 2019.
  2. Trade Receivables in Nebraska Cooperatives. This is a summary of trade receivable conditions among Nebraska cooperatives during 2015-2018. April 2019.
  3. CEO Evaluation Process in Nebraska Agricultural CooperativesThis is a report of CEO evaluation practices among Nebraska agricultural cooperatives, based on a Fall, 2018 poll of CEOs. October, 2018.
  4. Effect of Section 199A Tax Deduction on Agricultural Cooperative and their Patrons. This is a report of the effect of the Section 199A grain glitch fix and its effect on cooperative and patron income taxes. March 2018.
  5. Young Farmer Expectations of Nebraska Agricultural Cooperatives. This is a report of young Nebraska farmer perceptions of the benefits and opportunities of working with cooperatives. December, 2017.
  6. CEO succession planning by NE Agricultural Cooperatives. Summary of poll of NE agricultural cooperative activities related to CEO succession planning. November, 2017.


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