Industrial Organization of the Agri-Food System

Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization is a research, teaching, and outreach program focusing on competitive issues in the food industry. This is an important area given the ongoing industrialization of agriculture and the consequent effects of contracting, vertical integration, information sharing, alliances, mergers and acquisitions, product differentiation, quality transmission, and the evolution of public policy relating to such issues as industry concentration, captive supplies, contracting rules certification and labeling regimes, mandatory price reporting, intellectual property rights, food safety, agri-environmental regulation.

The Center for Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization and the Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization encourage and support research in these areas.


Azzeddine AzzamAgricultural and Food Economics

Konstantinos GiannakasIndustrial Organization, Food Policy, Regulatory Economics, Economics of Innovation and Product Differentiation

Christopher GustafsonBehavioral Economics and Health Disparities

Greg McKeeCooperatives

Lia NogueiraFood and Agricultural Trade

Emie YiannakaEconomics of intellectual property rights. Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization. Economics of Food Innovations