Agriculture Firm Profitability and Sustainability

Agricultural Firm Profitability and Sustainability

The Department of Agricultural Economics devotes a major part of its resources on programs to improve the profitability and sustainability of the agro-food system. This work is important to Nebraska's 49,000 farms and ranches, cooperatives and international agribusinesses with locations in the state.

It is also important to the world as we seek to double the food supply in the next 40 years while avoiding pollution of our lands, our water and our food supply. The department also places significant emphasis on comprehensively addressing risk management. This includes production risk, market risk, human risk, institutional risk and financial risk. This comprehensive approach to risk management is important to the following focus areas:
  • Farm and ranch, firm and cooperative management
  • Risk management, markets and trade
  • Production economics


Dave Aiken
Water Law, Agricultural Law, Environmental and Natural Resource Law
Kate Brooks
Livestock Economics
Lilyan Fulginiti
Production Economics
Brad Lubben
Agricultural and Public Policy
Fabio Mattos
Marketing and Risk Management
Lia Nogueira
Food and Agricultural Trade
Jay Parsons
Biosystems Economist
Richard Perrin
Production Economics
Jeff Royer
Agricultural Cooperatives
Matt Stockton
Farm and Ranch Management
Cory Walters
Grain, Oilseeds and Biofuels Economics