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Tina Kotsakou discussed her research on the Streaming Science podcast.

Imran Meerza presented at the 2017 Midwest Economic Association annual meeting in Cincinnati. He and co-authors Konstantinos Giannakas and Emie Yiannaka presented “Market Welfare Effects of Food Fraud.” He also worked with the UNL Public Policy Center on a Food for Health-MOOC planning grant.

Dylan Riley’s research on potential groundwater recharge impacts of USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program in Republican River basin was presented as a poster at the 2017 Water for Food Global Conference.

Felipe Silva received the Widaman Distinguished Graduate Assistant Award from the UNL Agricultural Research Division.

Nadeeka Weerasekara presented her research work on “Do regulations on fishery resource management affect spatial competition among processors” at the Heartland Environment and Resource Economics Workshop at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Jeff Stokes joined the department in January as the Ronald J. Hanson Professor of Banking and Finance. He earned a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, an M.S. from the University of Missouri, and a B.S. from Purdue University.
Professor Stokes teaches AECN 453, Agricultural and Rural Property Appraisal and AECN 452/852, Agricultural Finance. He will also direct the annual study of Nebraska farmland values.

Faculty and Staff Updates

Simanti Banerjee was elected incoming chair of the Agriculture and Applied Economics Association Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics. AAEA also featured her research on farm conservation. Professor Banerjee made two presentations as part of the Speaker's Bureau. She was also part of a multi-disciplinary team submitting grant proposals to submit to multi-disciplinary grants to the National Science Foundation and Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.

Kate Brooks and Taro Mieno were coauthors on a paper Which livestock production claims matter most to consumers?.

Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel was named a Center for Great Plains Studies fellow.

Jim Crandall with the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center was instrumental in the development of the newly-opened Stapleton Cooperative Market and Deli.

Lilyan Fulginiti was a co-author on two recently published journal articles, "Biomass from Marginal Cropland: Willingness of North Central US Farmers to Produce Switchgrass on Their Least Productive Fields" and “Combining habitat loss and agricultural intensification improves our understanding of drivers of change in avian abundance in a North American cropland anthrome.” She also presented research at the annual meetings of the multistate Impact Analyses and Decision Strategies for Agricultural Research.

Dave Goeller, farm transition specialist, retired from the university in February.

Christopher Gustafson was named a Center for Great Plains Studies fellow.

Brad Lubben was named a Rural Futures Institute faculty fellow.

Fabio Mattos taught a new course AECN 235 Introduction to Commodity Marketing. Mattos and undergraduate student Katie Cumming presented "Evaluating Crop Forecast Accuracy for Corn and Soybeans in the US, Brazil and Argentina" at the Conference on Applied Commodity Price Analysis, Forecasting and Market Risk Management. His paper "Measurement of commodity price risk: an overview of Brazilian agricultural markets" was published in the Brazilian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Sociology

Greg McKee was featured by IANR News

Jay Parsons worked collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary group of animal scientists, agronomists, range scientists, and veterinarians to author a $1.5 million five-year plan for the University of Nebraska Beef Systems Initiative that is scheduled to launch July 1, 2017. He also worked on completing a decision-making model for making smart choices in agriculture that was accepted and will be presented at the Advances in Decision Analysis conference this summer in Austin, TX.

Wes Peterson presented a lecture "Inequality: An Overview of the Main Issues" at the Winter Lecture Series sponsored by the Nebraska Humanities Council and the Nebraska Humanities Council.

Matt Stockton is part of a multi-disciplinary project, Testing Ag Performance Solutions. TAPS is currently hosting a farm management competition where producers and university scientists will compete for the most profitable farm, highest input (water and nitrogen) use efficiency, and greatest grain yield. He was also named a Center for Great Plains Studies fellow.

Cory Walters and an interdisciplinary team had an article, Planting Saved Roundup Ready 1 Soybean Seed Implications on Yield and Profit" published in Agronomy Journal.
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Other Updates

Alumni and Service Awards

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Agricultural Economics awarded the late Clayton Yeutter and Jay Rempe with the 2017 Outstanding Alumni Awards. The Nebraska Bankers Association received the 2017 Outstanding Service Award.
2017 Alumni and Service Awards
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We are grateful to the many individuals and businesses that have invested in the future of agribusiness, agricultural economics, and natural resources and environmental economics.