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Simanti BanerjeeAssistant Professor

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Research Interests

Experimental & Behavioral Economics, Ecosystem Services Conservation & Management, Communication, Social Network & Game Theory, Decision Making under Risk

About Me

I joined the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in August 2014. Previously I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Oberlin College in Ohio (2013-14) and a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Stirling in Scotland UK (2010-13). I received a Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University (2010). 

My research deals with analyzing coordination within groups, inter-personal bargaining, and the impact of information, communication and social networks on human decision making in a variety of contexts. Using experimental and behavioral economic methods, and surveys I study performance of various farmland conservation policies, decision making under risk & uncertainty and factors driving charitable giving. My lab and field research program has been funded by grants from the USDA-NIFA, USDA-ERS and USDA-CBEAR in addition to the Maude Hammond Fling Faculty Research Fellowship awarded by the UNL Research Council. I am also interested in qualitative data analysis techniques and incorporate these into my quantitative work for a richer analysis of the world around me.

I am part of a multi-institutional research group focused on use of experimental and behavioral economics to study human decision making in a wide variety of contexts. This group includes researchers from Canada (University of Alberta & University of Windsor) and the US (University of Delaware and Oregon State University). For broader outreach of my research, I volunteer for the the University of Nebraska Speakers Bureau.  

I teach Environmental & Natural Resource Economics (AECN-NREE 265) at the undergraduate level and Behavioral & Experimental Economics (AECN 896-002) with Christopher Gustafson at the graduate level. My instruction has benefited from teaching experiences in three different institutes in two different countries. I have set up the Behavioral and Experimental Economics Lab (BEEL) at UNL. If a UNL student is interested in participating in an economic experiment, they can register here or contact me.

I am involved with the Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics (CWAE) and Experimental Economics (EXECON) sections of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA). If you are interested in being involved, please contact me. 

I come from Eastern India. In my free time, I love to travel with my husband, indulge in photography, listen to the radio and read. I collect fridge magnets from my travels and hope that I will need two fridges one day.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Banerjee Simanti and Marc Conte. 2018. Information Access, Conservation Practice Choice, and Rent Seeking in Conservation Procurement Auctions: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. (paper)

  2. Banerjee Simanti. 2017 Improving Spatial Coordination Rates under the Agglomeration Bonus Scheme: A Laboratory Experiment with a Pecuniary and a Non-Pecuniary Mechanism (Nudge). American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Volume 100(1), pp. 172-197 (paper)

  3. Banerjee Simanti, Timothy N. Cason, Frans P. de Vries and Nick Hanley. 2017. Transaction Costs, Communication and Spatial Coordination in Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, Volume 83, pp. 68-89 (paper)

  4. Banerjee Simanti, Anthony M. Kwasnica and James S. Shortle. 2015. Information & auction performance: A laboratory study of conservation auctions for spatially contiguous land management, Environmental & Resource Economics, Volume 61(3), pp. 409-431 (paper)

  5. Banerjee Simanti, Frans P de Vries, Nick Hanley and Daan van Soest. 2014. The impact of information provision on Agglomeration Bonus performance: An experimental study on local networks, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 96(4), pp. 1009 – 1029 (paper)

  6. Banerjee Simanti, Silvia Secchi, Joseph Fargione, Stephen Polasky and Steven Kraft. 2013. How to sell ecosystem services: a guide for designing new markets. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment Volume 11, pp. 297 – 304 (paper)

  7. Hanley Nick, Simanti Banerjee, Gareth D. Lennox and Paul R. Armsworth. 2013. How should we incentivize private landowners to "produce" more biodiversity? Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 28(1), pp. 93 – 113 (paper)

  8. Banerjee Simanti, Anthony M. Kwasnica and James S. Shortle. 2012. Agglomeration Bonus in Small and Large Local Networks: A Laboratory Examination of Spatial Coordination. Ecological Economics, Volume 84, pp. 142 – 152 (paper)

Network of Collaborators (Past and Present)

Mark BurbachTim CasonMarc Conte, Hans Czap, Natalia CzapFrans P. deVriesNick Hanley,
Tony KwasnicaUrsula KreitmairZinnia Mukherjee, Silvia SecchiJames ShortleMykel R. Taylor, Leah H. Palm-ForsterJames M. WalkerCory Walters

Banerjee Lab Students  

Current Students (Degree):

Abdulmalek Hammami (PhD), Hanin Hosny (PhD), Diya Ganguly (PhD), Brooks Ronspies (MS)

Past Students (Degree): 

Stamatina (Tina) Kotsakou (MS), Nadeeka Weerasekara (MS)