Dr. Konstantinos Giannakas - Advisees

Dr. Konstantinos Giannakas - Advisees

Meerza, Imran. The Incidence of Fraud in the Agri-Food Marketing System. Ph.D. Dissertation (Advisor). 

Mavroutsikos, Charalampos. On the Economics of Crop Insurance. Ph.D. dissertation (Advisor). 

Tran, Miah. Consumer Attitudes, Labeling Regimes, and the Market Success of Food Nanotechnology. Ph.D. dissertation defended in 2015 (Advisor). Miah is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Resource Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Bhattacharya, Suparna. Market and Welfare Effects of Renewable Portfolio Standard in the U.S. Compliance and Voluntary Green Power Markets. Ph.D. Dissertation defended in 2014 (Advisor). Suparna is currently a Senior Economist for the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

Omidvar, Vahid. Fair-Trade Coffee, Nebraska Bottle Bill, and Process Innovation Efficiency in the Canadian Food Manufacturing. Ph.D. Dissertation defended in 2012 (Advisor). Vahid is currently the Trade Policy Analyst at the Canadian Sugar Institute.

Lassoued, Rim. Market and Welfare Effects of the Introduction of Second- Generation, Consumer-Oriented Genetically Modified Products in the European Union. M.Sc. thesis completed at MAICh in 2008 (Advisor). Rim is currently a Research Associate at the University of Saskatchewan.

Plastina, Alejandro. Essays on Innovations in the Agriculture and Food Industry Sectors. Ph.D. Dissertation defended in 2007 (Co-Advisor). Alejandro was an Economist with the International Cotton Advisory Committee in Washington D.C. and is currently a faculty member in the Department of Economics, Iowa State University.

Drivas, Kyriakos. The Effect of Cooperatives on Innovation. M.Sc. thesis defended in 2006 (Advisor). Kyriakos received a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently with the Department of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.

Veyssiere, Luc. Strategic Labeling and Trade of GMOs. M.Sc. thesis defended in 2004 (Advisor). Luc received a Ph.D. from Iowa State University and is currently a Manager with Ernst & Young in London.

Njoroge, Kenneth. Two Essays on Mandatory Price Reporting and Collusion. M.Sc. thesis defended in 2003 (Co-advisor). Kenneth received a Ph.D. from Duke University and is currently a faculty member in the Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon.

Onofri, Alejandro. Essays on Growth of the Agriculture and Food Industry Sectors. Ph.D. Dissertation defended in 2002 (Co-advisor). Alejandro is currently a Professor, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Universidad de La Plata, Argentina.