Dr. Konstantinos Giannakas - Research Interests

Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization: Analysis of competitive relationships in the agri-food system, and determination of the effect of different types of cooperative organizations on market outcomes and the welfare of the interest groups involved.

Regulatory Economics and Policy Analysis: Economic analysis of important policy mechanisms (like output and export subsidies, deficiency payments, decoupled payments, production quotas and conservation compliance programs) under costly and imperfect enforcement; determination of the effects of the national organic program and country-of-origin-labeling for consumers and producers; and development of a novel, empirically relevant, integrated, multi-market policy analysis framework that explicitly accounts for heterogeneous consumers, heterogeneous producers and imperfectly competitive firms. 

Economics of Innovation: Analysis of the economic effects of intellectual property rights, the causes and consequences of their infringement for the development, pricing and adoption of new technologies, the determinants of socially desirable innovation policy, and the effect of different types of cooperative organizations on product and process innovation activity.

Economics of Agricultural Biotechnology: Analysis of the market and welfare effects of the introduction of genetically modified products into the food system of developed and developing countries, the effects of agricultural biotechnology for the concentration and structure of the agri-food system, and determination of the optimal regulatory response to products of biotechnology.