Study Authors

Bruce Johnson, Professor
Department of Agricultural Economics

Eric Thompson, Director
Bureau of Business Research

Anil Giri, Graduate Student
Department of Agricultural Economics

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The 2010 Economic Impact of the Nebraska Agricultural Production Complex


  • Ag accounts for nearly 290,000 jobs and represents nearly 24% of the state's workforce
  • Generates 25% of the state's labor income
  • Accounts for over 40% of the state's economic output.
  • $20 Billion in cash receipts, double in 10 years
  • Total dollar output of ag production complex $68.9 billion
  • Accounts for 40.7% of state output
  • $22.6 billion of Gross State Product
  • Accounts for 26.9% of Gross State Product
  • More than one-fourth of Nebraska's economy can be attributed to ag production complex

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What is the Agricultural Production Complex?

Includes growing, processing and transportation including: crop and livestock production, manufacturing, agri-tourism, research and education.


Nebraska Ag Production