Retail Sales Patterns and Trends Across Nebraska Counties

Retail Sales Patterns And Trends Across Nebraska Counties And Localities

Nebraskans are doing more of their shopping online, resulting in substantial changes in retail sales patterns.

This report provides an up-to-date assessment of retail patterns and trends for the various size communities as well as the counties of the state. In so doing, we hope this analysis can provide local community leaders, policy makers, and businesses a basis for: 
  • understanding retailing patterns and their community’s retail health compared with neighboring localities as well as over time; 
  • doing in-depth comparative analysis using the extensive data collected and computed in the appendices; and
  • identifying possible strategies and policies for increasing retail trade in their respective areas.
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Anil Giri
Assistant Professor
University of Central Missouri
Bruce Johnson
Professor Emeritus
Department of Economics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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