Natural Resources

Photo of river surrounded by green trees

Long-term economic viability requires recognition of the role that limited natural resources contribute to economic activity and output, and the relationship people have, and the value they place, on those natural resources. This is especially true in a place like Nebraska with a strong agricultural economy, as the agricultural economy relies on natural resources such as water, land and energy.


Dave Aiken
Water Law, Agricultural Law, Environmental and Natural Resource Law
Simanti Banerjee
Experimental, Behavioral and Environmental Economics Law
Nicholas Brozovic
Policy Director, Water for Food Center
Lilyan Fulginiti
Microeconomics, Economics of Production, International Economics, Development Economics
Taro Mieno
Economics of precision agriculture, water use management in irrigated agriculture.
Richard Perrin
Agricultural Production Economics, Agricultural Productivity Analysis, Technology Assessment
Karina Schoengold
Environmental and resource economics, water resource economics, water pricing, irrigation technology choice