International Trade and Development

The range of topics covers the economics of agriculture, food, and natural resources in international and global contexts, including international agricultural development (Beghin, Fulginiti, Gustafson, Perrin, and Peterson), international trade policy (Beghin, Fulginiti, Nogueira, Perrin, and Peterson), natural resource management (Brozovic, Fulginiti, Perrin, and Schoengold), and global food security and policy (Beghin, Fulginiti, Gustafson, Nogueira, Perrin, and Peterson). Research funding has come from USAID, USDA NIFA, The World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, CGIAR, FAO, Nebraska Center for Energy Science Research (UNL), Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute (University of Nebraska), Farm Foundation, and other international agencies. Research projects have been conducted in various countries. Several faculty members are affiliated with the Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance at UNL.


John BeghinInternational Trade

Nick BrozovićPolicy Director, Water for Food Center

Lilyan FulginitiProduction Economics and Development

Chris GustafsonBehavioral Economics and Health Disparities

Brad LubbenAgricultural Policy

Fabio MattosMarketing and Risk Management

Lia NogueiraInternational Trade

Richard PerrinProduction Economics

Karina SchoengoldWater and Resource Economics

Wes PetersonInternational Trade