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Photo of the 2016 NAMA Marketing Team

2015-2016 Recap

This year sixteen UNL NAMA students and five students from ESALQ University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (who skyped into weekly meetings) were involved in developing a product marketing plan for SunSurfer, a new cultivar of buffalograss developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The cultivar is a premium turf-type grass that thrives on one inch of water a month, has an accelerated establishment rate, enhanced density, and a dark green color. It needs minimal inputs and maintenance. The team worked with Dr. Keenan Amundsen, UNL professor and primary developer of the new cultivar, and the Stock Seed Farms in Murdock, NE, to learn as much as possible about the product and important aspects of marketing it. SunSurfer was marketed in fifteen counties in two key areas of California — the San FranciscoBay area and the Los Angeles basin. Team members learned that research is an essential element of creating an effective marketing plan. From choosing a product to deciding on the right balance between electronic and print advertising based on prospective customer habits, students learned how to make effective decisions with respect to marketing a product. 

What is NAMA?

The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) is a national organization that consists of 25 regional chapters of agri-marketing professionals and more than 3,500 professional and student members.

Members come from organizations and companies that produce agricultural and food products and provide services to the agriculture and agribusiness industries. Members include agricultural associations and companies, advertising and marketing agencies, communication organizations (publication, radio and television, and newspaper), and other businesses involved in promoting agriculture.

Student NAMA chapters, with over 1,500 members from thirty-seven chapters at leading universities and colleges, compromise an important component of professional membership.

Through NAMA, students learn first-hand from professionals in marketing, advertising, communications, sales, and promotion about the various career opportunities available in agri-marketing. During the year, students develop valuable personal contacts and working relationships with agri-marketing professionals. However, one of the greatest benefits for students is the opportunity to develop effective managerial, leadership, and presentation skills.