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Ag Economics

As an agricultural economics major, you'll take classes that focus on economic and financial principles. Combined with agricultural science classes, these courses will help you analyze issues in agriculture, business, government, and many other areas. You'll gain skills in planning, evaluation, and management.

Check out the classes you'll take as an agricultural economics, general option major. Want to specialize in a particular area? You can focus on farm and ranch management, public policy , or quantitative analysis, or pre-law.

Why agricultural economics?

Agriculture needs people who can analyze and manage production, market, and financial risks. Whether on a farm or ranch, in the public or private sectors, or in law practice, an agricultural economics degree will prepare you to take on these challenges. Plus, a study by the United States Department of Agriculture and Purdue University found that in the next four years there will be 57,900 job openings per year for people with a bachelor's degree or higher and expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or the environment.

Why study at UNL?

In the Department of Agricultural Economics at Nebraska, you get the best of both worlds. You'll attend a world-class, Big Ten university and have access to the all the academic resources and activities that come with it. At our East Campus location, you get a small-school atmosphere with one-on-one personal advising and a community that cares about you.

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